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Blue, Purple and Green Baby Afghan Square With Heart Motif

Baby Boy or Unisex Colorway Crocheted Using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn


This blue, purple and green baby afghan square is crocheted using single crochet stitch and the tapestry crochet technique.
Pale Blue, Soft Lilac and Mint Green Baby Afghan Square With Heart Design

Pale Blue, Soft Lilac and Mint Green Baby Afghan Square With Heart Design

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This baby afghan square was crocheted using Bernat Softee baby yarn in the following colors:

  • Blue Yarn: "Pale Blue"
  • Purple Yarn: "Soft Lilac"
  • Green Yarn: "Mint"

There is not much contrast between the colors in this baby afghan square, which means that the heart gets lost on the background -- not ideal. It looks a bit better in person than it does in my photograph, but even so this colorway is not one I'd recommend using for this particular design. In general, these three colors go together very well -- if you're looking for a baby afghan pattern in these colors, try striping them, like I did in this striped lace baby blanket.

If you don't mind the lack of contrast, this colorway works for a baby boy's afghan, but would also be suitable for a unisex afghan as well. If you don't know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, you could use this color scheme sparingly and combine it with afghan squares in other color combinations. See my heart sampler baby afghan for one possible idea.

This image is part of a photo gallery which showcases various possible colorways of this baby afghan square. To see more color combinations, please be sure to visit the gallery index. I've created a variety of colorways suitable for both baby boys and baby girls.

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