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Heart Sampler Baby Afghan Edging


See a close-up photo of the simple crocheted edging for the heart sampler baby afghan.
Baby Blanket Edging

Baby Blanket Edging

Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Sometimes a simple edging is more effective than a fancy one. That is often the case with patchwork-style afghans such as my heart sampler baby afghan. I chose to complete this afghan using a minimalistic edging worked in single crochet stitch and slip stitch.

I did consider using a fancier edging for this afghan. For a baby girl's afghan, a lacy picot edging would also be appropriate as long as your afghan colorway is not too "busy". For a baby boy's afghan, I'd definitely skip the lace and picots, and stick with something simpler.

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