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Free Crochet Baby Afghan Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Afghans, Blankets, Blocks and Squares


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Welcome to our index of free crochet patterns for baby afghans.

Fast, Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Fast, Easy Crocheted Baby Blanket -- Free Crochet Pattern for Beginners
The Fast, Easy Crochet Baby Blanket -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This baby blanket is easy enough for total beginners to crochet. However, it's a great pattern for crocheters of all skill levels to consider when in need of a really quick pattern for last-minute baby shower gifts.

This blanket is a safe choice if you aren't sure of the baby's gender and you need a blanket that would work for either boys or girls.

Pictured at left: the pink version of the baby blanket. Be sure to check out some additional photos of the blanket made up in other colors:

Click Here to Get the Free Crochet Pattern.

Lacy Baby Blanket With Stripes -- Free Pattern

Striped Crochet Baby Afghan
Striped Crochet Baby Afghan - Photo © Amy Solovay

This pretty crocheted baby afghan features lacy stripes of color.



Shell Stitch Baby Blankets and Afghans

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket
Shell Stitch Baby Blanket -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Shell stitches are popular to use for crocheting baby blankets, afghans and other items. If you'd like to crochet a baby afghan (or other sized afghan) using shell stitches, this page is a great place to find a free pattern.

Pictured Here: An easy baby blanket crocheted using the shell stitch. This is a "girly" colorway of the design, but you could also make it baby-boy-friendly as well, just by changing the colors a bit.

Custom Baby Blanket -- You Make the Design Choices!

Custom Crochet Baby Blanket
Custom Crochet Baby Blanket -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This is one of those patterns that you could make and re-make endlessly, and it would turn out different every time. The crochet work stays interesting because you can customize most of the details, and each square in the blanket can be different if you want it to be. (Or not!)

The photo at left shows one possible design for a baby blanket you can make using this pattern. The pattern is flexible enough to adapt to larger sized blankets as well; I've included instructions for five different sizes all together.

Two of the sizes are just for babies; you might like to have either a receiving blanket size or a crib size. The receiving blanket size is pictured.

Additionally, there are sizes for making throws, twin sized afghans, and full/queen sized afghans. If you happen to need a different size, it's easy to adjust the pattern accordingly. You could crochet afghans customized for every member of your family!

Gingham Check Baby Blanket Pattern

Boy-Friendly Gingham Check Baby Blanket
Boy-Friendly Gingham Check Baby Blanket -- Photo © Michael Solovay

This boy-friendly baby blanket features a checkerboard design. My sample blanket is crocheted in blue, white and green, but this pattern could easily be re-colored in girly colors or gender-neutral colors if you prefer. The pattern includes three different sizes: receiving blanket size, crib size and twin size.

Heart Sampler Patchwork Baby Afghan

Crochet Heart Sampler Baby Afghan
Heart Sampler Baby Afghan -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

This heart sampler afghan is a patchwork-style design. It is an interesting project to crochet, and the results are simply stunning. The colorway pictured is  perfect for baby girls, but I've provided plenty of color inspiration in case you'd like to make an afghan for a baby boy; there are also some gender-neutral colorways in case you're not sure whether the baby will be a boy, or a girl.

Coral Heart Sampler Patchwork Baby Afghan

Coral Patchwork Baby Afghan With Heart and Checkerboard Designs
Coral Heart Sampler Patchwork Baby Afghan -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Here's another take on the heart and checkerboard design; this version features shades of pink, peach and yellow that combine to resemble a vibrant coral color. If you're looking for a feminine baby girl's colorway that isn't pastel pink, this is a great choice.

Coordinating Baby Afghan Squares

Striped Heart Baby Afghan Square With Coordinating Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square
Striped Heart Baby Afghan Square With Matching Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square - © Amy Solovay

These two squares are the basic building blocks for both of the afghan ideas I linked above. There are so many things you could do with them, if you are inclined to experiment. If you stick to my pattern exactly, the result is a soft, warm baby afghan, but the squares are so versatile that I encourage you to try substituting different colors and fibers.

Striped Heart Baby Afghan Square

Be sure to grab the free crochet pattern for the striped heart baby afghan square, pictured at left. You can work multiple squares using single crochet stitch and the tapestry crochet technique. Then combine the squares to create your baby afghan, or the crochet project of your choice. We've provided a free charted design with striped heart motif, as well as the free crochet pattern. You supply the creativity!

Striped Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square

I've created a coordinating checkerboard baby afghan square so that the striped heart square shown above has a companion. You can use either design alone, or combine the two for added visual interest.

Easy Baby Afghan Square

Baby Afghan Square
Baby Afghan Square Worked in Single Crochet Stitch -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Use this free pattern to make easy baby afghan squares in single crochet stitch.  You can crochet a bunch of these squares and join them together to create an afghan, or you can use the squares in other projects.

V-Stitch Baby Afghan Square

Fuzzy Pink Baby Afghan Square
Fuzzy Pink Baby Afghan Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

If you use a baby-friendly yarn to make them, these squares work up into a fantastic baby afghan. This is a versatile design that can be used in other ways as well.

Baby Blankets With Nested Checkerboard Patterns

Boy's Baby Blanket Idea Featuring Nested Checkerboard Pattern - Change Colors for Unisex Design
Boy's Checkerboard Baby Blanket Idea - Can Be Made Unisex With a Color Change; © Amy Solovay

Here's a link to several unisex baby afghan designs, all of which feature simple but interesting checkerboard patterns worked in tapestry crochet. I've pictured my favorite design in the series at left, but there are a couple other options as well.

I've crocheted my project samples with baby boys in mind; I used blue and white yarns which work well with the simple geometric checkerboard shapes in these patterns. You could choose girlier colors if the recipient is expecting a baby girl; and if you have no idea either way, just make a quick color change to neutrals or greens, which could work for either baby boys or girls.

Simple Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Simple Crocheted Baby Blanket
Simple Crocheted Baby Blanket -- Photo © Erica Jackofsky

This easy crocheted baby blanket is part of a baby layette set designed by Erica Jackofsky. Erica calls this her "Sweet Potato" baby set, named after the charming sweet potato colored yarn she used to crochet her project samples. The design and color of the blanket are both gender-neutral, making this an ideal choice for times when you aren't sure of the baby's gender before you start crocheting.

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