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Market Bag Patterns

Free Patterns for Making Market Bags


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Have you ever had the handles rip off your paper grocery bag, causing your groceries to spill out and go rolling across the parking lot?

Has the clerk at the grocery store ever put you on a guilt trip for having to bag your stuff in a disposable bag?

Are you tired of hearing the same ol' question, "paper or plastic?" over and over (and over, and over) again?

Did you ever stop to think about the impact of all those shopping bags on the environment?

If you're reading this page to start with, the answer to one or all of the above is probably "yes." You've realized that you need a market bag.

Once you've come to that conclusion, it's a no-brainer to want to make your own bag. That's where we come in. The following free patterns are all fantastic choices for market bags you could be proud of. Whether you're off to the farmer's market, the flea market, the mall or the beach, these trendy market bags will transport your stuff in style.

Fabric Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Fabric Crochet Tote Bag
Fabric Crochet Tote Bag -- Photo © Amy Solovay

This bag would be ideal for using as a market bag, although it could also double as a book bag or beach bag. It's a pretty way to carry anything you need to take along with you when you head out the door.

This bag is crocheted using strips of fabric. You can dramatically change the look of it depending on whether you use printed fabrics, solids, or any combination thereof.

To make this design even more earth-friendly, you could choose to reclaim fabrics from old thrift store sheets, or from old sheets that you aren't using any more. This is an environmentally responsible way to dispose of old textiles that are torn and un-mendable, or too stained to use for their original purpose.

This pattern design is by Amy Solovay.

Earth-Friendly Market Bag -- Free Crochet Pattern

Earth-Friendly Market Bag
Earth-Friendly Market Bag -- Photo © Erica Jackofsky

This is a classic market bag with a contemporary spin; it's a pretty yet timeless design that'll come in handy whenever you go shopping.

The suggested yarn for this pattern is a lovely soft organic cotton yarn, which is delightful to crochet with, and it's also an environmentally responsible choice.

This pattern deign is by Erica Jackofsky.

Spiral Tapestry Crochet Market Bag

This interesting market bag is worked in a continuous spiral of tapestry crochet. The free crochet pattern is by Carol Ventura.

See Also: Free tapestry crochet patterns

Go Green Market Bag

This open, airy design features v stitches built with treble crochet. The link above takes you to Suzie's pattern, which is posted at her blog.

Lacy Crochet Market Bag

Kristin Omdahl, author of several crochet books such as Seamless Crochet and Crochet So Fine, has contributed this free market bag pattern for the Red Heart website.

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