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Blocking and Starching Crocheted Items, Stiffener Recipes

Information on how to block, starch, shape crocheted items; hints, recipes for stiffeners.
How to Block Thread Work
At Megan Mills' Home Page: Instructions, photos and hints on how to block items that were crocheted with thread.
Making A Starching Board
At Crochet Memories: Scroll to the bottom of that page for info on making starching boards.
Starching Techniques
At Crochet Treasures: Recipes and mixes for various types of stiffeners to use on crocheted items. Spray, liquid, glue and water, stiff stuff, sugar starch for blocking and starching.
Starch Recipe For Doilies
At Crochet Doilies: Starch and sugar starch recipes for use on doilies.
Techniques and Recipes
At Crochet Memories: A variety of recipes for stiffeners and starches plus hints for re-shaping and drying.

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