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Book Review of The Crochet Closet

Lisa Gentry's Book of Stylish Crochet Sweater Patterns for Women

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The Crochet Closet, A Crochet Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry

The Crochet Closet, A Crochet Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry

Leisure Arts

Book Details:

Book Title: The Crochet Closet
Author: Lisa Gentry
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Copyright Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60140-135-9
Format: Softcover / Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 128, not counting the covers
Cover Price: $19.95 US dollars

Crochet Skill Level Required: The patterns featured in this book are rated at easy / easy+ to intermediate.

Sweater Patterns Included in This Book

This book features 15 crochet patterns for women's sweaters in a wide range of sizes; many (not all) of the sweaters are sized for extra-small through 3x large.

Two of these designs are sweater vests; the rest are either cardigan-style sweaters, sweater jackets / coats, or designs that are some sort of cross between a sweater / blazer / jacket.

Why Five Stars?

This is an outstanding book for many reasons, but primarily, because these designs are so accessible. For starters, the wide range of sizes means that many different crocheters will be able to enjoy the book. Additionally, the designs are appealing; they're wearable and stylish without being faddish. Every single one of them is practical. Most of them (there are a couple of exceptions, I think) would be figure-flattering for the entire range of sizes presented -- no easy thing for any clothing designer, let alone a crochet designer to accomplish. For the most part, these projects are made with widely available yarns that should be reasonably easy to locate, or at least to buy online.

No one sweater pattern book can be all things to all people, but in my opinion this book is just about as good as it gets -- assuming, of course, that you want to crochet a woman's sweater in the first place.

Two Projects Made With Discontinued Yarns

The only downside to this book that I'm aware of is that two of the projects are made using discontinued yarns -- Moda Dea Tweedle Dee, and Lion Brand Cashmere Blend. Some of you may have these yarns stashed. It is also possible that you may still be able to find unsold inventory of this yarn at your local yarn store or on the secondary market -- ebay, Ravelry, or other sources. Also keep in mind that you can substitute yarns; for example, Lion Brand recommends their new Superwash Merino Cashmere as a substitute for the discontinued Lion Cashmere yarn.

References and External Links:

I used the following resources to write this book review:

I visited several yarn websites to verify the availability of the yarns used in this book.

  • At the Lion Brand website: The product information page for Lion's cashmere blend, where you can verify that this yarn, indeed, has been discontinued. This page is also the source where you can find their recommended yarn substitution(s) for this yarn.

  • I attempted to visit the Moda Dea website, but it no longer exists. There's still a Moda Dea Tweedle Dee page hanging around on the Coats and Clark website, however.
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