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Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Book

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Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Book

Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Book

Leisure Arts

Book Review of Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Published by Leisure Arts

Book Title: Crochet 24-Hour Baby Afghans
Authors: Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Copyright Date: 2010
ISBN 13: 978-1-57486-338-3
ISBN 10: 1-57486-338-X
Format: Softcover With Staple Binding
Number of Pages: 49, including the inside back cover of the book
Cover Price: $10.95 US dollars
Skill Level: 9 of the patterns in the book are rated as "easy" and 7 are rated as "intermediate."

Book Premise:

This book delivers 16 baby afghan patterns; the authors claim that each of these patterns can be crocheted in 24 hours.

The Baby Afghan Patterns:

In my opinion, the authors have done an amazing job of putting together this collection of patterns. There's an outstanding variety of different types of designs here: several textured patterns, a cabled pattern, a ripple pattern, a round baby afghan pattern, a couple of hexagon patterns, a granny afghan pattern, and a couple of baby afghans made in joined panels.

I think the patterns in this book range from genius to mediocre, with the majority being very nice patterns.

In the Genius Category:

One of my favorites is the "Spring Song" afghan by Jean Leinhauser, which is remarkable for its beautiful texture and easy design. I don't know how she did it, but with this pattern, Jean managed to make Red Heart Super Saver look like the chic-est, most sophisticated yarn you could use for crocheting a baby afghan. If you're trying to crochet baby afghans that look amazing, but you're working within a short time frame and a tiny budget, I'm thinking you can't go wrong with this particular pattern.

The "Pretty Pastels" blanket designed by Darla J. Fanton is another of my favorites from this book. It's a classic design, and it looks like it would be an interesting project to make.

Another favorite: the "By the Sea Round Afghan" by Deirdre Eyles. This playful design features a whirlpool of crocheted ocean waves, cute little fish, and even a few sailboats. This just couldn't get any cuter. Another bonus: I'm thinking this fun little blankie could accompany a kid well into childhood, and wouldn't be outgrown the minute the baby outgrows his or her crib.

Also in the genius category: The "Blissful Baby Blanket" design by Darla Sims. I confess that I don't care much for the color choices used in her sample blanket; she used vibrant green combined with a variegated print, and the result looks a bit busy for my taste. But overall, I think the pattern itself is fantastic. I could see making zillions of these in different colors for charity crochet projects, baby shower gifts, etc.

Book Value

Overall, I think this book is a great value for the money you'll spend on it. If you pay the cover price, that means you're spending less than a dollar per pattern, and you're getting a fantastic variety of patterns for the money you spend.

Can You Really Make These Afghans in 24 Hours?

As of yet, I haven't tried actually crocheting any of these baby afghans, so I can't comment with certainty about whether these afghans really can be crocheted in 24 hours. However, I've been giving some thought to whether or not I think they could, and for the most part, I think it could probably be done; there are a few designs I'm skeptical about, but I think most of them do look like pretty quick patterns.

I confess to being skeptical about the time frame needed to complete the "cute kitties" afghan. While I do think the crochet work could probably be completed in 24 hours, it's the detail work that would get you with this design. This design features bunches of cat faces; to create the details, you need to sew on buttons and work some embroidery. Looks to me like I'd be sewing buttons for a good chunk of the 24 hours, if not longer. Don't even get me started on how long the embroidery would take me; it's just not a fast process.

Your Comments, Please:

So now I'd like to open the floor for comments from readers. There are two different pages I invite you to comment on, if you would like to join the conversation. The first: if you have a copy of this book in hand, please consider submitting a brief review to let other crocheters know about your experiences with the book. If you've actually crocheted any of these designs, tell us how it went – were you able to get it done in 24 hours? How'd it turn out?

The second: You're invited to comment on how long it generally takes you to crochet (or knit) a baby afghan. Many other readers have shared insights on this topic, which you might like to read about. We'd love to have your unique insights too! Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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