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Crochet Wear Book Review

A Crochet Pattern Book by Ann Regis, Published by Leisure Arts

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CrochetWear Pattern book by Ann Regis

CrochetWear Pattern book by Ann Regis

Leisure Arts

Book Title: Crochet Wear

Type of Book: Crochet pattern book
Author: Ann Regis
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Copyright Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 1-60140-125-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-60140-125-0
Format: Softcover / Trade paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Cover Price: $22.95 US dollars
Skill Level: There's a good mix of easy and intermediate patterns included, with most being easy.

The Premise:

This book features crochet patterns for garments with an urban, trendy, artsy edge. As the name suggests, all of the projects featured in the book are wearable; the book features crochet patterns for both garments and accessories. The math is a little confusing to me, since the cover says "25 Fresh Designs," yet I actually counted 30 patterns in the book all together. I'll be the first to admit that I might've miscounted, but if I did count right, I suspect no one's going to complain about getting extra patterns.

Crochet Projects Included in This Pattern Book:

The book is divided into six sections, as follows:

  • Jackets: There are four of these.

  • Skirts & tops: There are two different skirts, plus two tops that are very similar.

  • Shrugs: There are three patterns for shrugs.

  • Vests: There are four patterns for vests.

  • Hats: There are five patterns for hats. Also included in this section are four different patterns for matching wristlets, and a pattern for a neckband / scarflet, which are apparently the extra five patterns over and above the 25 designs promised on the front cover of the book.

  • Wraps: There are five patterns for wraps.

Notes on Garment Sizes:

  • Those of you who wear a size "X-Small" do have options included in this book, although some of these designs are likely to overwhelm a petite figure. Many of them have what is, in my opinion, an excessive amount of ease – for example, there's a jacket with a 38.5-inch bust sized at X-small. No problem if you prefer loose-fitting clothing, but if you like everything fitted, some of these designs might not work for you. Note that some of the patterns are "one-size-fits-most," which also might or might not work for you; a couple of these styles look to me like perhaps they could overwhelm an X-small figure.

  • If you're a plus-sized woman, please be aware that the size range only goes up through X-Large on most of these patterns. Some of the patterns are one-size-fits-most. Still, there are some great options available for women in all size ranges, considering the lovely patterns for hats, wristlets, wraps and shawls included in the book.

Book Pros:

  • The fashions are unique and interesting. Most are stylish, and a few are just a bit quirky. Everyone's idea of "wearable" differs, but in my opinion (with the above-noted exceptions,) most of these designs would be flattering and wearable for most women in the size ranges presented.

  • The stylists have done an outstanding job of pairing up the crocheted designs with other interesting, wearable garments and accessories.

  • The photography is great!

Book Cons:

  • This book's greatest strength could also be viewed as its greatest weakness. The fashions presented are not for the "shrinking violet" who just wants to blend into the crowd; many of these garments are a bit out-of-the-ordinary, some refreshingly so but some verging on the outlandish.

  • Some of the tops and jackets look a bit "box-y."

Overall, there are some truly fantastic patterns included. I am happy to recommend this book to other crocheters.

Free Crochet Pattern Downloads From This Book

Want to check out some sample patterns from this book? If so, here's a link for you to download the free patterns for the Double Take helmet, neckband and wristers set, which is a matching hat, scarflet and pair of fingerless gloves. These projects are crocheted using super-bulky weight yarn.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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