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About The Book Hip to Crochet

Hip To Crochet Book by Judith L. Swartz - Book Review by Sandi Marshall

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Hip To Crochet by Judith L. Swartz

Patterns for fashion savvy designs for the type of contemporary projects that crocheters are currently seeking.

Hip To Crochet Book by Judith L. Swartz - Book Review by Sandi Marshall

At the top of your list might be the capelet. The capelet pattern in this book is crocheted with a fine weight yarn, with the example made in mohair. This lacy capelet may look complex but actually uses easy stitches. Judith designed it with both a vintage and a contemporary appeal.

Other fashion-savvy clothing patterns in this book include crocheted skirts, sweaters, cardigans and a tank top. Close-fitting hats, cloche hats, a zig-zag scarf and little tapestry bags are some contemporary accessory patterns to enjoy making and wearing.

For beginning through advanced crocheters. Beginners may want to start with the "My First Scarf" pattern. A big plus with the pattern directions is the fact that the yarn weight is given along with the brand name of the yarn used in the example, making it easier for you to substitute other yarns, if you wish to. Each pattern shows a close-up photo of the yarn in the various colors used in the examples.

Pattern Instructions Style That Crocheters Appreciate, New Crochet Adventures

There are many diagrams showing how to do each stitch and each finishing detail. Drawings show the finished measurements for every edge of each project.

If you've never tried felting a crocheted project, the "Good Vibrations Bag" could be a new adventure. A full explanation of what felting is and the instructions for doing the felting are included.

Tapestry crochet can be explored with the little Drawstring Bag and the Neck Bag patterns.

With the granny square being hip in modern crochet, many will appreciate the "Block-On-Block Skirt" that Judith designed for this book. It's a skirt with a drawstring waist for a comfortable fit at or below the waist. The top yoke of the skirt is made in double crochet rounds, with the joined granny squares forming the rest of the skirt.

This book is filled with patterns that are lively and fashionable, for all levels of crochet enthusiasts. Compare Prices

Book contains 128 pages. 45 color photographs, 120 color illustrations, 22 diagrams.

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