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Cute Crochet For Kids Book Review and Online Sources

Cute Crochet for Kids by Diane England

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Book by Diane England, Published by Martingale and Co.
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Diane England's creative use of stitches, color and embellishment in this book's 12 patterns result in delightful sweaters to crochet for children.

Things To Note About Diane's Patterns

In beginning to design the patterns for this book, Diane challenged herself to design sweaters that children would want to wear, not only for the look of the sweaters but for the children's ease in putting the sweaters on and off, knowing that children want to dress themselves and often won't bother to wear sweaters that are too difficult to put on and off.

Diane teaches three new crochet stitches in this book, including front-stitch dc and back-stitch dc. Scroll to below the Sponsored Links Box for more about this book ...

Pattern Highlights

Diane wrote directions for a range of sizes: Ten of the patterns feature instructions for sizes 24 months all the way through child size 14! When some of these sweaters become a child's favorites but are eventually grown out of, you could crochet another in a larger size. How great is that! Another pattern is for baby sizes 6 months - 24 months and the last for sizes 18 months through child size 2.

There's plenty of variety in this book; a crocheter could make every sweater in the book, with each next pattern still providing new crochet fun. New stitches and techniques can be learned while crocheting these patterns.

Her Picture Perfect Pullover pattern provides lots of possibility for personalizing the sweater to reflect the favorite interests of the child who will be wearing the sweater. Diane gives a variety of examples to spark your creativity.

There's a colorful hooded pullover with the type of (open on both sides) large pocket that kids love.

There are cute cardigans featuring various stitches and some vests with texture stitches.

Other Features Of The Book

Readily available, well-known yarns were used to crochet the sweater examples. In the materials list for each pattern, there is a Yarn Weight Symbol by each yarn used. These can be looked up in a Yarn Weight Chart in the information section of the book, making it easier to substitute a different brand of yarn, when desired.

A skill level is given for each pattern. The breakdown of the skill levels for the patterns are: Beginner (1), Easy (3), Intermediate (5), Experienced (3). This is a good balance because those who are currently seeking easy patterns will soon want to advance their skills by tackling a pattern with stitches or techniques they haven't tried yet. Those who are experienced crocheters will still want to crochet an easy pattern once in a while for a quick project.

In the information section of the book, there are diagrams and instructions for the stitches used in the patterns. There is also a page with hints for Caring For Sweaters.


With this book, you can crochet fun patterns that can also expand your crochet skills, while producing wonderful sweaters for a child to enjoy wearing.

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