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Aran Design Free Patterns


Texture stitches, and sometimes cables, are used in these lovely patterns, for experienced crocheters.

  • Headbands

Textured Winter Headband - Post stitches create textured sections, combined with ribbing row sections to provide stretch to the headband.

  • How To Crochet Stitches Used In Aran Designs

Cables How-To Pattern - Extra photos show the steps for crocheting a cable over four stitches with a free pattern for a practice square.

Cable Over Six Stitches - Closeup photos of the crocheted cable and the surrounding stitches. In-progress photos.

Post Stitches How-To - Diagrams and a practice texture dishcloth pattern.

  • Scarves

Cable With Mini Cables Scarf - At About Crochet: This link leads to a photo showing a closer look at the design. There is a link to the free pattern in the first paragraph below the photo.

  • When You're Looking For Other Kinds Of Free Patterns ...

More Types of Crochet Patterns: A-Z Links List

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