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Crocheted Chain Fringe How-To


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The Look Of The Completed Fringe
Crocheted Chain Fringe How-To
In this how-to, photos show step-by-step how to tie the fringe pairs in a design, along with instructions for crocheting the chain fringe on the edge of a scarf, shawl or other crocheted item.

To see the steps for tying the fringe, click Next below each photo or use the links below to navigate to any photo by title.

How To Crochet The Chain Fringe: The fringe can be made of any number of chains for the length of fringe that you want. In this example, I used 25 chains for each fringe. In this example, the fringe is made on the edge of a scarf but could also be used on other crocheted items, such as a shawl or the bottom edge of a handbag.

For first fringe, * chain 25, slip stitch in the second chain from the hook, then slip stitch in each of next 23 chains. Slip stitch in the stitch on the scarf at the base of the chain-25 just made, slip stitch in next stitch on scarf **, repeat the directions between * and ** as many times as needed to go across the edge that the fringe is being added to.

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