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Top 7 Edgings For Afghans


A selection of links to free patterns on this site for crocheted edgings that are suitable for use as afghan edgings.

1. Easy Edging With Spaces For Weaving In Ribbon

Free instructions for crocheting an easy edging that has spaces for weaving ribbon through, if desired.

2. Easy Scalloped Narrow Edging

This edging pattern was first published in the year 1920. It's a timeless edging, just as pretty for use today.

3. Open Shell Edging

Free pattern to crochet an edging that uses a combination of shell stitches.

4. Two Color Easy Double Crochet Edging

Free instructions to crochet an easy edging in single and double crochet stitches. A contrast color can be used on the last row to highlight the edge.

5. Three Row Edging

The first two rows of this antique edging are based on the "crazy stitch" pattern. I've included a link to my "crazy stitch" how to.

6. Easy Narrow Shell Edging

This edging pattern is based on a drawing of a crocheted edging in an 1899 publication. This is a variation; I wrote these directions from looking at the stitches in the year 1899 drawing. -- Sandi Marshall

7. Vintage Knot Stitch Edging

A lacy crocheted edging using the knot stitch. A link to a step-by-step how-to for learning to crochet knot stitches.

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