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Checkerboard Pattern for Crocheting Squares

Free Checkerboard Chart for Crochet or Other Crafts


The checkerboard is a classic favorite design motif, and it's one I often incorporate into my textile design work. Lately I've been exploring a variety of ways to crochet different variations of checkerboard patterns.

I created a simple two-color checkerboard chart, which is available to you free of charge; you'll find the link below, along with links to photos of samples I crocheted using the chart.

There are many different ways you can use this checkerboard chart. I've used it to crochet squares in baby yarn; I plan to use them for making a baby afghan. Feel free to adapt the design in other ways; it would make lovely afghans for the entire family, but there are plenty of other ways you could use it.

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Blue and White Checkerboard Chart for Baby Afghan SquareCheckerboard Chart -- Free Crochet Pattern for Making Afghan SquaresCheckerboard Pattern Worked in Blue and White Baby YarnBlue and White Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square Checkerboard Pattern Crocheted in Mint Green and Baby Denim Marl YarnsGreen and Blue Marl Checkerboard Baby Afghan Square
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