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Crochet a Circle With a Heart Design


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A Circle Shape With a Crocheted Heart Motif
Circle With Heart Design

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Project Description:

Here we have a tapestry crochet heart motif that's worked in rows that form a circle shape. I created this circle and heart design with Valentine's Day in mind, but it's a design that could be appropriate to use at any time of year.

If you aren't familiar with tapestry crochet, I invite you to visit our tapestry crochet tutorial to see how the technique is done. I would not recommend this particular pattern as a starter pattern for learning the technique; I'd recommend starting with either this checkerboard pattern or this easy nested square pattern if you're new to tapestry crochet.

In the photo on the left-hand side above, you can see how the design looks unadorned; in the photo at right, I embellished the design with surface crochet slip stitches. I like it better with the slip stitches added; it adds emphasis to the heart design, making it "pop" out from the piece and look more dimensional. If you'd like to see how this is done, you may wish to check out my surface crochet slip stitch tutorial. I take you through the process of creating this type of outline, step-by-step, with photos.

Skill Level: Advanced. There is an easier version of this pattern that I'd rate at about the "intermediate" level; be sure to check out the square version of the striped heart chart as well.

Get the Free Crochet Chart:

Click here to find the free chart for this design.

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