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Free Crochet Patterns for Clothing and Accessories

Here's a selection of free crochet patterns for clothing and accessories.
  1. Bags, Purses and Handbags (19)
  2. Hair Accessories (8)
  3. Hats (34)
  4. Jewelry (24)
  5. Menswear (9)
  6. Neckwarmers (6)
  7. Scarves (29)
  8. Shawls (5)
  9. Slippers (6)
  10. Socks (1)
  11. Women's Wear (32)
  12. Wrist Warmers (7)

Free Crochet Skirt Patterns
I'm simply dazzled by all the impressive free skirt patterns available on the Internet. If you're up for the challenge of crocheting a skirt, I think you are positively going to love these beautiful designs.

Crochet Accessories With These Free Accessory Patterns

Find free crochet patterns for fashion accessories, hair accessories, home accessories and more.  We've provided free patterns for a variety of different accessories including jewelry, scarves, hats, handbags, and headbands.

Cardigan Sweaters
Ward off the chill with a cozy crocheted cardigan. If you're in need of free crochet cardigan patterns, this is the place to go.

Accessory Patterns for Halloween
Accessorize for Halloween with these fun Halloween-themed crochet patterns.

Fingerless Gloves Crocheted With V Stitch in Brick Repeat
Lacy v stitches add to the appeal of these feminine fingerless gloves.

Free Crochet Pouch Patterns
Pouches are quick, inexpensive crochet projects with many options for personalization. They make great gifts! You'll find free crochet pouch patterns here.

Market Bag Patterns
Market bags are the perfect carry-along accessories. You can crochet, stitch, sew, or knit your own fab market bags with these free patterns.

Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns
Keep warm with cozy crocheted ear warmers; these free patterns are the ticket to crocheting a bunch of them!

Lace Scarf Patterns
Want to crochet a lacy scarf? If so, check out these lacy scarf patterns.

Crocheted Tote Bag Patterns
Tote bags are versatile accessories; they're really handy to have around. If you'd like to crochet a tote bag, take a look through our list and help yourself to any of our free crochet patterns (or sewing patterns) for tote bags.

Simple Crocheted Accessories
This photo gallery gives you a close-up look at several different sets crocheted using my free patterns for simple accessories. The set includes matched fingerless gloves, beanie hat, headband and scarf, all crocheted using easy basic stitches.

Crochet Collar Patterns
Want to accessorize your tops, sweaters, dresses, and shirts with stunning crocheted collars? If so, load up on some free patterns right here.

Easy Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
Accessorize with a set of coordinating outerwear pieces including this simple beanie plus matching fingerless gloves, scarf and headband. The free crochet patterns are all available on our website.

Lacy Cotton Scarf in Thread Crochet
Accessorize beautifully with this delicate, lacy thread crochet scarf. It'll pretty up a tailored suit, or add feminine flair to a more casual ensemble. Best of all, it's an easy, affordable project.

Plarn Pouch to Crochet
Here's a creative way to accessorize! You'll use recycled / upcycled supplies to crochet this innovative pouch out of plarn.

Crocheted Rosette
Accessorize in style with this pretty beaded rosette. The rosette could become a brooch, a barrette, or an applique -- whichever you choose!

Checkered Crochet Pouch Pattern
This checkered pouch is a classic accessory that will come in handy.

Lacy Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Scarf Pattern
Accessorize all your fall and winter looks with this beautiful crocheted scarf.

Crochet Ladder Headband Pattern
Accessorize any outfit with this easy, beginner-friendly crocheted headband.

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