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Layered Flower Necklace in Thread Crochet


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The Layered Crochet Stitch for the Necklace Band
Crocheting the Necklace Band

Upper Photo: Here's Another Shot of Row 6, but in This Photo I Have Turned the Work Around so You Can See the Front of It. Lower Photo: This Is How the Row Will Look When It Is Complete.

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Upper Photo: Here's another look at row 6.

You wouldn't hold the work this way, since you're supposed to work it from the reverse side. I turned the work around to take this photo, because I want you to have a better idea of how exactly this row is supposed to come together. This photo shows the step where the hook grabs the arch of chain stitches in preparation for anchoring it to the top of the necklace band.

Lower Photo: This picture shows how the right side of the work will look when this row is complete.

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