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Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

Headbands and Hats That'll Keep the Ears Warm


Easy Adjustable Size Ear Warmer Pattern

Rachel at Crochet Spot shared this easy pattern for an adjustable ear warmer that you can make in any size.

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More Free Patterns for Keeping Warm With Crochet:

Vertical Ribbed Ear Warmer

Post stitches give this design lots of texture and visual interest.

Crown Ear Warmer

This pattern sort of resembles a crown -- one that is made up of crochet stitches, of course.

Ribbed Ear Warmer

This heavily textured ear warmer design is crocheted using post stitches.

Picot Ear Warmer

This ear warmer is crocheted in two contrasting colors; it features a picot stitch edging.

Comfort Ear Warmer

This pattern was apparently named after the yarn used to crochet the project sample, Red Heart Comfort yarn.

Diamond Ear Warmer

Popcorn stitches form the diamonds on this textured crochet ear warmer.

Elvish Ear Warmers

These resemble pointy little elf ears; you make one for each ear.

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