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Free Crochet Skirt Patterns


If you'd like to try crocheting a unique piece of clothing, a skirt would be a lovely choice. There are many free skirt patterns posted on the Internet for you to try. Here are links to a few of the possibilities I've found:

Free Adult Sized Crochet Skirt Patterns

  • Spiderweb skirt by Josi Hannon Madera -- This skirt is form-fitting at the top, but it finishes in a dramatic flair of spider-web-inspired crochet lace. It's spectacular! In a way, it kind of reminds me of a wearable doily. The skirt pattern is posted as a free download at Ravelry.

  • Chevron Skirt Tutorial by Josi Hannon Madera -- Josi drew her inspiration for this crocheted skirt from world-famous Missoni knitwear designs. The free skirt pattern is posted at Tension Magazine.

  • Sea Breeze Skirt If you were to wear a crocheted skirt to your next yacht club get-together, this is what it might look like. The free crochet pattern is posted at the Garnstudio.com website.

  • Granny Square Skirt -- This skirt features a lower border of crocheted granny squares. The free skirt pattern is posted at the Garnstudio.com website.

  • Lace Crochet Skirt -- This fun skirt is crocheted in a lacy stitch pattern. The free skirt pattern is posted at the Garnstudio.com website.

  • Skirt With Lace Fan Patterned Border -- This skirt pattern has a deep border of crocheted lace. The free pattern is posted at the Garnstudio.com website.

  • Archena Skirt by Doris Chan -- This is a multicolored patchwork granny square skirt. It's cute and a bit hippie-ish. What a fun pattern! The pattern is available at the Naturally Caron website.

  • Jolimar Skirt Pattern -- This stylish crochet lace skirt was designed by Doris Chan. You can get the free skirt pattern from the Naturally Caron website.

  • Easy Scalloped Skirt by Monica Welle Brown, posted at the Coats and Clark website. This pattern was originally published in a back issue of Crochet Today Magazine.

  • Shimmer Skirt or Poncho by Doris Chan -- Posted at the Coats and Clark website

Free Child Sized Crochet Skirt Patterns

  • Sedona Toddler Skirt designed by Darlene Dale -- This is such a cute little skirt pattern. It's feminine, lacy and girly. The pattern is posted at the Naturally Caron website.

  • Salsa Party Skirt by Kim Guzman -- Posted at the Caron.com website

  • Too Cute Ruffled Skirt designed by Myra Wood, posted at the Coats and Clark website.

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