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Let's have fun crocheting cozies for everything in sight! You could crochet beverage cozies, wine bottle cozies, tea cozies, cell phone cozies, and even cozies for your tissue boxes and toilet paper. If you want free crochet patterns for cozies, this is the place to look.

Free Crochet Cozy Patterns
What do a brand new gadget and a vintage tea pot have in common? Well, both of them need crocheted cozies, of course! Need some free patterns? Be sure to grab 'em here.

Drink Cozies
Find free crochet patterns for coffee cozies, wine bottle cozies, and a water bottle cozy.

Free Crochet Patterns for Cell Phone Cozies
Cell phone cozies are fun to crochet, and they make great gifts; they're quick and affordable projects.

Free Crochet Egg Cozy Patterns
Delight your family or friends with any of these charming crocheted egg cozies.

Crochet Tea Cosies -- Free Patterns
There's an easy way to keep your pot of tea nice and warm while you savor the first cup; it's a tea cosy. Tea cosies are great crochet projects, and you can get free patterns for them right here.

French Press Cozy
Coffee lovers will enjoy owning this French press cozy, and it's an enjoyable pattern to crochet. You'll want to make multiples -- one for every coffee drinker on your gift list.

Crochet Water Bottle Cozy
Keep your water bottle chillin' with this easy crocheted water bottle cozy.

Square Wine Bottle Cozies
If you have square wine bottles or liquor bottles, this is the pattern to use for crocheting cozies to fit.

Square Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy Pattern
This crocheted bottle cozy fits a square wine bottle or other types of square bottles; so far, I've tried it on a fancy vintage glass bottle, a Manischewitz wine bottle, a Jim Beam whiskey bottle, and a Jose Cuervo tequila bottle. If you have a square bottle that needs cozifying, this pattern is for you!

Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Cozy
This chic little cell phone cozy is made using crochet thread and beads. It'll hold an Iphone or any similar gadget.

Crochet Soap Holder
You can accessorize absolutely anything with crochet. Case in point: this nifty crocheted soap holder is a fantastic way to dress up your soap.

Crochet Cozies
Let's go crazy "cozying" everything in sight! These free crochet cozy patterns will help you accomplish that -- or at least get you the patterns you need to crochet a cozy or two, if you'd rather not make cozies for every last thing you own.

Frilly Crochet Tea Cozy
This tea cozy pattern is posted at the Coats Crafts UK website.

Carrot Cake Toilet Paper Cozy
So if you want to hide your TP in a crocheted cozy that resembles a pretty carrot cake, this is your lucky day - here's a free pattern for doing just that. This pattern is posted at the Crocheting Crab blog.

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