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Crochet Tea Cosies -- Free Patterns


Day Lily Tea Cosy

This pretty floral tea cozy is so creative; your teapot will be tucked inside a crocheted lily. The lily is crocheted using a ripple / zigzag stitch pattern. The designer suggests this as a Mother's Day gift, although I see no reason to limit it to Mother's Day only. This tea cosy, or any of the designs linked from this page, would also make fabulous housewarming gifts, holiday gifts, etc.

This free pattern was designed by Jenny Stacy, AKA "JustJen." You can access the free pattern at the designer's blog.

Shell Stitch Teapot Cozy

This teapot cozy is crocheted using shell stitch and topped with crocheted flowers. The free pattern was designed by Pammy Sue Scott and posted at her blog, known as "Scotty's Place."

Radical Ripple Tea Cosy

Here's yet another ripple stitch crochet cozy posted by JustJen.

"Short and Stout" Tea Cosy

This pattern is available as a free download from Ravelry. You'll need to be a Ravelry member to access the download.

Cozy Tea Belly Pattern

This is a super easy pattern. The designer describes this design as "heat turned out of two woolly rectangles," and really, that's all it is -- two rectangles tied together with a couple of ties.

This pattern was designed by Irene Lundgaard, and it is posted at the yarnclasses.com website. The pattern is in PDF format.

Lotus Kyusu Cozy

This cozy fits a Japanese-style teapot with the handle on the side. The cozy features a three-dimensional lotus flower embellishment on top. You can get the free pattern at the Hiloopy blog.

Apple Tea Cozy and Coasters Set

This set is cute as can be! The tea cozy is shaped like an apple. This would make a bright and cheerful addition to anybody's kitchen.

See Also: Free crochet apple pattern designs

Caravan Tea Cosy

This free pattern was designed by Emma Varnam and posted at her website.

Cupcake Tea Cozy

Here's another Emma Varnum tea cozy design; this one resembles a cupcake.

Straightforward Tea Cozy

This cozy was designed by O. Rainsford and posted at the Gingerschatz blog. The page includes a photo tutorial.

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