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Crochet Tea Cosies -- Free Patterns


Tea time is a little more enjoyable when you have a fabulous tea cosy handy to keep the pot warm while you sip.

Want to get started on a crocheted tea cosy? If so, you'll find a fantastic selection of free patterns linked below.

Frilly Crochet Tea Cosy

This tea cosy features layers and layers of frills! The free pattern is posted at the Coats Crafts UK website.

Scallop Tea Cosy Instructions

This tea cosy features delightful layers of scallops, in a cascade of different colors.

The free pattern is posted at the crochetroo blog.

Roses Tea Cosy

This tea cozy is embellished with large three-dimensional roses. The free crochet pattern was designed by Leah Maxwell; it is posted at Leah's blog. The pattern includes plenty of large photos.

Simple Teapot Cozy

Anna Ness designed this simple teapot cozy. Anna designated this as a beginner-level pattern. You can grab the free pattern at the "Lullabies and Lace" website.

Reversible 'Crochet Brioche' Tea Cosy

This free pattern came about because the designer knitted a brioche tea cosy, and people kept asking her for a crocheted version. Her crocheted cosy turned out lovely!

The patter was designed by Megan Mills, and it is posted at her website.

Rosy Cosy

Megan Mills also designed this "Rosy Cosy," a multicolored tea cozy with an interesting zigzag-style stitch pattern variation.

Granny Tea Cozy Tutorial

This granny-inspired tea cozy tutorial is posted at the "Crochet With Raymond" blog.

Shell Crochet Tea Cozy

This colorful shell stitch cozy is intended to fit a 20 oz teapot. The pattern is available as a free download at the Ravelry website.

Drawstring Tea Cozy

This tea cozy is really textured and the fabric almost looks plaid, thanks to the interesting stitch pattern used to crochet it. This free pattern is available from the Coats and Clark website.

Justjen's Easy Ripple Tea Cosy

This colorful cosy is crocheted using a zigzag / ripple stitch pattern. It could look different depending on which yarns you use; the examples shown on the designer's website are both striking and eye-catching.

This cosy was designed by Jenny Stacy, AKA "JustJen."

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