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Drink Cozies

Free Patterns for Crochet Beverage Holders and Cozies


What is a drink cozy and why do you want to make one? Drink cozies (aka beverage holders or bottle covers) are a bit of material that protects your hands and the outside of your beverage holder. They serve to keep the hot or cold in your drink and not against your hands. For instance, keep your coffee warm while it brews with a French press cozy. Drink cozies also make great gifts. Know a wine connoisseur? The Square Wine Bottle Cover Pattern might be the perfect fit.

The following is a complete list of our drink cozy patterns.

Mock Weave French Press Cozy

French Press Cozy Pattern
© Erica Jackofsky

Make this easy French press cozy in an evening. The perfect last minute gift for your favorite coffee lover.

Ribbed Water Bottle Cozy

water bottle cozy
© Erica Jackofsky

You want your water bottle to keep your drink nice and cold, but not your hands. A water bottle cozy protects your hands from the surfance chill of a stainless steel canteen.

Square Crochet Wine Bottle Cover Pattern

wine bottle cozy
© Amy Solovay

Crochet up this cozy to fit square wine bottles, such as the Manischewitz bottle shown in the pattern photo.

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