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Free Crochet Cozy Patterns


Welcome to our main directory of free patterns for cozies, holders, and covers. You'll find a wide variety of different options for "cozying" everything from your phone to your drink.

Cell Phone Cozies

Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Holder
Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Cozy - Photo © Amy Solovay

You can't talk on your cell phone every single minute. When your phone isn't in use, you need a safe -- not to mention stylish -- place to put it.

Enter the cell phone cozy. If you don't already have one of these, or several, isn't it time to do something about that? Our patterns are free and you can whip one up fast!

Pictured here: My beaded crochet cell phone holder. It's Iphone sized, but it would also work great for holding a small camera or other little gadget.

Wine Bottle Cozies

Wine Bottle Cozy Embellished With Floral Ribbon
Photo © Amy Solovay

If you're going to give wine as a gift, a wine bottle cozy will help you to present it well.

Pictured here: One of our square wine bottle covers. There are several variations of this design:

Coffee Cozies

French Press Cozy
French Press Cozy - Photo © Erica Jackofsky

Cozies are a coffee drinker's best friend! They'll keep your brew warm, and at the same time they'll protect your fingers from the heat.

Pictured here: Erica Jackofsky's textured mock weave French press cozy.

Tea Cozies

A tea cozy is a decorative knitted or crocheted -- in this case, crocheted -- cover that you can put on your teapot to keep the water nice and warm while you enjoy your first cup. It'll also help to protect you against burns should you accidentally touch the teapot while it's hot. Usually, a tea cozy is also a feast for the eyes; the designs tend to be colorful and beautiful.

Water Bottle Cozy

Water Bottle Cozy
Water Bottle Cozy -- Photo Copyright Erica Jackofsky

This water bottle cozy features a pleasantly textured crochet rib pattern. This free pattern was posted by Erica Jackofsky.

Egg Cozies

Egg cozies are lots of fun for Easter, but they aren't just for Easter eggs. You can make egg cozies for everyday use or just about any occasion. There are patterns on the list for Christmas and Halloween-friendly egg cozies, as well as Easter egg cozies and ones you could use any time.

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