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Liz Masoner

Crochet Guest Author

By Liz Masoner

Liz learned to crochet somewhere around 10 years old. Like most kids she promptly crocheted a chain long enough to wrap around her childhood home...twice. Soon after she was making Christmas wreath pins to sell to her classmates.

Skip ahead to the start of Liz’s own family. With piles of crocheted projects behind her, Liz turned her eye to baby items. Soon her first pattern, a 30 minute baby bonnet was created. With only one child and bonnets filling her house Liz began looking for some way to help others. Adullam House, a group home that cares for the children of convicts was her first foray into charity crochet. At that point Liz was hooked (forgive the pun).

Since then Liz has worked with several charity crochet groups, including coordinating national collections of crocheted items for preemies and normal birth weight babies. She has taught classes locally in central Alabama to all ages.

Liz believes crochet is a wonderful craft which shouldn’t be allowed to die out as so many of its practitioners grow older. You’ll rarely find Liz without extra skeins of yarn, hooks, and beginning stitch fliers in her crochet bag because wherever she crochets in public she is often soon surrounded by children wanting to learn to crochet.

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