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Mens Headband Photos


These photographs accompany our free crochet pattern for a man's fall / winter headband. You can also see additional work-in-progress photos in our free tutorial for how to divide yarn when making symmetrical crochet projects.
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  1. Men's Headband Crocheted in Cobalt Heather Cascade 220A Sailor, His Favorite Crocheted Headband, and One of His Favorite Kittens
  2. Mens Headband Side ViewSide View Photo of Men's Fall / Winter Headband
  3. Mens Green Winter Wool HeadbandMens Green Winter Wool Headband
  4. Mens Headband Worn Under a HoodA Man's Wool Headband Worn Underneath of a Fitted Hood.
  5. Men's Headband Laid FlatMen's Crocheted Headband Laid Flat
  6. Whipstitching the Back Seam on the HeadbandWhipstitching the Back Seam on the Man's Crocheted Headband

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