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Basic Crochet V Stitch


In its most basic form, a v stitch is usually just a double crochet stitch, followed by a chain stitch, then another double crochet stitch, all of which are crocheted into the same stitch or space. There are zillions of possible stitch patterns you could construct using the basic v stitch. One of them is pictured below.
Basic Crochet V Stitch

Basic Crochet V Stitch

Photo © Michael Solovay

Pictured here is one of the simplest and most common v stitch configurations. All the v stitches are stacked on top of each other, and there are no chains or other stitches separating the vs.

How to Crochet the V Stitch

I've created a free tutorial to help you learn the basic v stitch.

V Stitch Crochet Project

If you'd like to try a project using this stitch, my lace scarf pattern is a great starter pattern for learning the stitch.

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