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Wine Bottle Cozy Embellished With Narrow Floral Ribbon

An All-Occasion Wine Bottle Cozy to Crochet


This picture accompanies our free crochet pattern for a square wine bottle cozy. This is an all-occasion version of the pattern; it's embellished with floral ribbon.
Wine Bottle Cozy Embellished With Floral Ribbon

Wine Bottle Cozy Embellished With Floral Ribbon

Photo © Amy Solovay

If you plan to give wine as a gift to a friend or loved one, this all-occasion bottle cozy makes a nice addition to the gift. It'll also allow you to transport the wine in style!

Embellishments Needed:

To create this version of the wine bottle cozy, you'll need the following embellishments:

  • Two feet of woven floral ribbon. I originally purchased this ribbon at a Joann craft store; it's been in my supplies stash for so long that I'm not sure you'd be able to find the exact same ribbon, but I am sure you could find a similar design.
  • For more info about the supplies needed to crochet this design, be sure to check the supply list included with the free crochet pattern.
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