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Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy Work-in-Progress Pictures

Close-Up Photos of the Wine Bottle Cozy Before the Sides Have Been Sewn


Here are a couple of work-in-progress pictures showing you how the square wine bottle cozy looks before the sides have been whipstitched together.
Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy - Work-In-Progress Pictures

Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy - Work-In-Progress Pictures

Photos and Photo Collage © Amy Solovay

Upper Photo: Here is a picture showing how the square crocheted wine bottle cozy looks after the row of slip stitches has been added around the outer edge of the piece.

Lower Photo: I placed the bottle of wine onto the crocheted piece so that you can get an idea of the relative size of the crochet work. The bottle pictured is a 750 ml bottle of Manischewitz kosher wine.

Please be sure to visit the gallery index to see more work-in-progress photos, as well as pictures showing how the finished wine bottle cozy looks.

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