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Is There A Fix for Jagged Edges When Crocheting From a Graph?


A Reader Emailed the Following Question:

Hi Amy,

I was wondering if you might help me out with this graph. The background color is white and the tower is black and it is supposed to be done in single crochet.

I have no problem with the single crochet till I get to the color change then the colors become jagged. I have pulled this out seven times and just want to cry. People are telling me that it will look fine when I stand away from it but it looks awful!!!!

I do the color change in the stitch before and pull the new color through the two stitches completing the single crochet but this is so sloppy looking that I cannot even tell where to put the stitches. Am I doing something wrong?

I have scoured the net trying to find out more about graph picture afghans but there are just not any tips or techniques out there.

If you could help me out that would be great. I am trying to do this for my daughter and I sure would hate to disappoint her. Thanks for you time, I sure hope you have somewhere I could find more information on the single crochet graph I just know that there is a way to make the color transition go smoothly and look even.

The Answer:

Thanks for getting in touch!

Here is the tutorial I have for tapestry crochet, which sounds like the technique you are trying to use for this:

Tapestry crochet tutorial

However, it might not be your technique that is the problem. This probably isn't the news you want to hear, but with many graph patterns you are likely to get jaggedy edges. It's probably nothing you did wrong; that's just how it is.

Depending on the pattern, you may be able to go in afterwards with surface crochet and visually clean up the jagged edges. That's what I do, at least it's what I do in the cases where it wouldn't be too much trouble.

Here's an example:

This heart was excessively jaggedy when I crocheted it. The surface crochet covers up the jagged edges and makes it look nice. The heart is a relatively easy pattern to clean up. If you have a lot of little detailed areas in your graph, it might not be worth bothering with surface crochet.

Here's a tutorial for how to work slip stitches in surface crochet.

Please take a look at these pages, and if you still have questions or need help, feel free to get in touch again -- or join us in the crochet forum to get a variety of different opinions and perspectives. Best wishes with your project!

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