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Where Can I Find Free Beginner's Crochet Patterns for Making a Hat and Mittens?


Question: Where Can I Find Free Beginner's Crochet Patterns for Making a Hat and Mittens?
Geri writes,

Please Amy. Without me having to run around all through this site. Would you happen to have any free beginner's crochet pattern's on making a hat and mittens... Thank you so much,



Hi Geri,

Thanks so much for the email, and for your newsletter subscription. I really appreciate it.

Almost all of the hat patterns listed on this page are very easy:

Free crochet hat patterns

EXCEPT for the vintage hat patterns (those you might want to hold off on working until you have a bit more experience.)

Out of all the patterns available on that page, in my opinion the easiest hat is this one:

Team spirit hat

This hat design is suitable for both men and women, and it's a classic style. If you haven't yet learned how to do color changes, you could crochet your hat using one color instead of the two colors shown. Or, you could learn how to change colors -- that's really pretty easy to do. We have a tutorial posted on this page that shows you how to do it, step by step.

Free tutorial: how to change colors in single crochet stitch.

You might also find this tutorial helpful, if you haven't already learned how to do single crochet through the back loops:

Back loop single crochet stitch tutorial

As far as mittens go, would you be interested in fingerless gloves? We have several patterns for those available:

Free crochet patterns for fingerless gloves

In general, fingerless gloves are good beginner patterns, but mittens can get a bit more complicated to crochet.

I invite you to bookmark both of these pages as well:

Free crochet patterns for beginners

Easy free crochet patterns

Both of those links will hopefully come in handy for future crochet projects.

When you're finished making your projects, I invite you to post pictures in the crochet forum, if you want to show off how they turned out. (If not, no worries. :) ) Also, if you have questions or just want to chat, the forum is a fantastic resource. Please drop in any time.

Crochet forum

Thanks for your interest!


Amy Solovay, your Guide to crochet at About.com

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