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Readers' Questions Answered

Readers' Questions Answered

Crochet FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet
Check out this index of frequently asked questions to find answers to a variety of different crochet-related questions. These FAQs cover a broad range of topics -- including crochet techniques, where to find free patterns, and more.

Where Can I Buy Tunisian Crochet Hooks?
Mary asks, "Would you be kind enough as to let me know where can I buy Tunisian crochet hooks as the ordinary crochet hook would not be enough to hold the amount of stiches?" If you're wondering the same thing, you'll find the answer here.

How Do I Interpret a Crochet Chart?
Ellen doesn't understand how to interpret crochet charts; She wants to know what each square on a crochet chart represents. Wondering the same thing? Here's the answer!

I Got Stuck With Yarn in Two Different Dye Lots - Now What?
There's an easy solution for crocheting with different dye lots. Learn the secret for solving this aggravating problem!

How Do I Prevent Blisters When Crocheting?
I have been crocheting for many years. Lately I noticed I am forming a blister on my finger. How can I prevent this?

Where Can I Find Patterns for Crocheted Baby Shoes?
Sylvia asks where to find free patterns for crocheting baby shoes. Here's where I give her the lowdown!

Help With Yarn Tension for Crochet
This crochet FAQ page contains help for beginning crocheters on the topic of yarn tension.

Where Do I Find Patterns for Milk Jug Covers?
Wondering where to find patterns for crocheted milk jug covers? These lovely treasures can be a bit hard to track down, but we've found some crochet patterns for milk jug covers.

What Would Happen if You Knit Using a Crochet Chart?
Here at Crochet.About.com, we have posted a fabulous selection of free charts. Ever wondered what would happen if you tried to use one of our crochet charts for knitting? Find out here!

How to Do Color Changes When Working From a Graph
A website visitor is wondering how to work color changes when crocheting a pattern using a chart. This page will help anyone who has the same question.

Are There Any Good Flower Patterns for Boys?
Mollie is wondering whether we have any crocheted flower patterns suitable for boys. Well, of course we do! Come on in and check them out.

Yarn for Potholders
A reader named Ann submitted the following question: "What yarn should I use for crocheting potholders?" In this FAQ, I explain the pros and cons of several different possibilities.

How Do I Join Crochet Blocks or Squares Together?
Carlene asks if we can tell her how to put crocheted blocks and squares together. Are you wondering this too? If so, you will find the answer here!

Reader Question About Making a Hat for a 3 Year Old Child
Laurie is wondering how to adjust an existing hat pattern to fit a 3 year old kid.

Amy Solovay's Facebook and Twitter FAQ
Before you follow "About.com Crochet" on Twitter or Facebook, please read this informative list of frequently asked questions.

Accessing the Free Patterns From Our Newsletter
Hey Amy, how do I access the free crochet patterns featured in your crochet newsletter? If you're wondering this, you'll find the answer here.

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