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Amy Solovay's Facebook and Twitter FAQ


Question: Dear Amy, Why aren't you following me on Twitter / Liking me on Facebook / Responding to my Tweets?

Answer: I do not actually participate on Twitter or Facebook.

If you use the "Follow Me on Facebook / Twitter" buttons you see on the crochet.about.com website, or in my crochet newsletters, you'll be signing up to follow an account maintained by the social media team at About.com.

The social media team has configured my blog posts to automatically be "tweeted" and posted via Facebook at the time I post them. If you use either Twitter or Facebook, this allows you one more easy way of keeping track of what is new here at About.com Crochet.

Question: I don't use either Facebook or Twitter. What am I missing out on?

Answer: As far as I'm concerned, nothing! That is to say, you are not missing out on anything extra that I am posting or doing. My blog posts are still available to you in all the usual ways they always have been. I share the ones I feel are most interesting through my free crochet newsletter; you can also access my crochet blog any time by visiting the home page of my website, crochet.about.com. If you use an RSS feed reader, you could also choose to add my feed and read my posts from there. If you're interested in that option, see this page to grab the feed; you'll have to scroll down a bit, past the newsletter signup info.

Question: I'm not interested in automated feeds. How do I interact with you personally on Facebook or Twitter?

Answer: Thank you so much for your interest! I really appreciate it.

If you are interested in interacting with me personally, there are two great ways to do that:

Although I am not always able to respond as promptly as I would like to, I do read all of the comments you post in my blog. I also try to visit the crochet forum regularly, although there are times when I fall behind with that. Even if I am not around the forum, you'll find a helpful community of experienced crocheters who are generous with sharing their time to help others improve their crocheting.

As stated earlier on this page, I am not participating on either Facebook or Twitter, so there is no way to interact with me personally on either of those websites.

Question: Well, why aren't you on Facebook and Twitter, Amy?

Answer: As you are aware, crochet is a time-consuming endeavor. Crochet pattern design is even more time-consuming.

Y'all have told me loud and clear that what you most enjoy about my site is the free crochet patterns I offer. I try my hardest to deliver these for you consistently; I usually try to create at least one new crochet pattern per week, and sometimes I create several new patterns. On top of that, I also maintain this website, blog about what's new in the world of crochet, create crochet tutorials, and answer as many of your crochet-related questions as I can find time for. There is simply no time left over for things like Tweeting and participating on Facebook. I have to prioritize both crocheting and the maintenance of my website, as I am sure you can understand.

That aside, I also have strong objections to Facebook's invasive tactics regarding handling of email contact lists and emailed invitations. I'm also uncomfortable with their privacy policy. I choose not to use their website.

Question: But I interact with another About.com Guide via Twitter and / or Facebook! I know there's a live person behind the account, not just an automated feed. What's up with that?

Please be aware that there are varying levels of Guide participation in social media across the About.com network. Some About.com Guides are very involved with the Twitter / Facebook accounts linked from their sites; some, like myself, are only making automated feeds available. So if you "follow" or "like" another About.com Guide of a different topic, you might (or might not) be able to interact with that Guide personally via his/her social media accounts.

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