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Reader Question About Making a Hat for a 3 Year Old Child


Man's Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set

Man's Crocheted Hat and Scarf Set

Click Here to Enlarge This Photo. Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

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Laurie writes,

"I just finished a Men's Winter Hat using your pattern. What a wonderful pattern. I made the hat for my boss and he loved it. He wants me to make one for his 3- year- old son. Do you have this pattern in children's? If not, can you recommend dimensions?

Note: Laurie is referring to this men's winter hat, pictured above.

My response:

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for getting in touch! I really appreciate your interest in my patterns.

I am sooo glad you liked the pattern, and it's wonderful that your boss loved his hat. That's fantastic!

I have not yet developed the pattern for child sizes but that's a great idea. I wouldn't recommend waiting for me to get around to it though...:)

There are a couple of resources I recommend if you want to just downsize the pattern a bit.

Erica Jackofsky, former contributing writer at About.com, has a size chart here:

Hat Size Chart

and it has some helpful info about ease when designing hats for little ones.

The Craft Yarn Council has a head circumference chart here:

Head Circumference Chart

Hope that helps, but if all else fails you could ask your boss for the child's head measurements to be on the safe side.

Thanks again for getting in touch!

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