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New Year's Resolutions for Crochet Enthusiasts

Set Some Goals for Your Crocheting in the New Year!


If you need some goal-setting inspiration for a new year or any time, here's a quick list of possible crochet-related resolutions you could make.

  • I will learn how to crochet - for those who don't already know how
  • I will teach someone how to crochet - or even better, teach __* people how to crochet
  • I will crochet __* item(s) for charity
  • I will complete __* projects (or more)
  • I will finish (or frog) all my unfinished projects
  • I will learn __* new crochet stitches
  • I will learn a new crochet skill
  • I will create an exquisite family heirloom to be passed down to a child or grandchild- perhaps a beaded bag worked from a vintage pattern, or an elegant lace tablecloth
  • I will organize my yarn / thread stash, and donate or give away any yarns / threads I don't plan to use

*__= fill in this blank with whatever number you think would be a good goal. Pick a number that is small enough to be manageable, yet large enough that you'll feel like you really accomplished something when you've reached the goal.

Resources for Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions:

Learn How to Crochet: Take a free crochet class, or watch free crochet videos.

Learn More About Crocheting for Charity: Read about the experiences of others who donate crocheted items to charity, or share your own story to help inspire others.

Learn New Crochet Stitches: Here are a few you can try:

Get Inspiration for Organizing Your Crochet Supplies:

Learn New Crochet Skills

We've posted a wide variety of resources to help you with learning new skills and techniques in crochet.

Share Your New Year's Resolutions

Are you making any crochet-related new year's resolutions this year? If so, please share them!

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