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Crochet Polls


Crochet polls are a fun way to find out what other crocheters think about a variety of different topics relating to this delightful art and craft. Want to vote in a poll, or see what other crocheters have to say? Here's your chance!

Charity Crochet Polls

Do you crochet for charity? What types of charity crochet projects interest you? Click through the link above to take the polls and share your thoughts. We're using these polls to help guide us in our creation of new free crochet patterns for charity. Thanks for your input!

Do You Tie Knots in Your Crochet?

Some crocheters insist that you should never, ever tie a knot in your work. What do you think? take the poll and share your thoughts!

Holiday Polls

Free Holiday Patterns -- Crochet Projects for Christmas, Fourth of July and Valentine's Day
Free Holiday Crochet Patterns -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Halloween Poll: Do you crochet for Halloween?

Christmas Poll: What, if any, crochet supplies do you want for Christmas this year?

Crocheting Holiday Gifts Poll: What types of projects do you crochet as Christmas / holiday gifts for others?

Another Holiday Gifts Poll: How far ahead of time do you start working on your hand-crocheted holiday gifts?

Yarn Polls

Yarn -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Yarn Organization Poll: How organized is your yarn stash? Click here to take the poll. If your answer is "completely disorganized," don't worry, you're not alone!

Yarn / Fiber Poll: Which fiber(s) do you most like to crochet with? Which fiber dominates your yarn stash?

Crochet Community Polls

A Recent Blog Post From Amy's Crochet Blog
A Recent Blog Post From Amy's Crochet Blog -- Photo © Amy Solovay

Blog Poll: Do you have a crochet blog? Do you read other crocheters' (and crafters') blogs?

Your Favorite Online Hangout: Where on the Internet do you like to "hang out" with other crocheters?

What Do You Do With Your Gauge Swatches When You Are Finished With Them?

There are bunches of different things you can do with your gauge swatches when you are finished with them. What do you do with yours? Tell us in this poll, and find out what everyone else does with theirs.

See Also: How to use or re-use your gauge swatches.

Crochet Without Rules: Is It Too Good to Be True?

A Blanket Crocheted Using the Freeform Crochet Technique
A Blanket Crocheted Using the Freeform Crochet Technique -- Photo © Amy Solovay

We're wondering: does freeform crochet have rules, or not? What do you think?

Older Forum Polls

The following links take you to older polls, posted at the About Crochet forum. Although these polls were posted a long (long, long) time ago, they give you some interesting insight into our crochet community's history.

Thanks for Your Participation in Our Crochet Polls!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with our community. We sincerely appreciate your input. The wisdom collectively shared by all of you has helped countless crocheters improve their craft.

Word Search Games

Back in the good ol' days of the Internet, this page's predecessor used to feature polls, trivia, word searches and other miscellaneous items. Nowadays, we've moved our word searches to other areas at About.com. If you arrived at this page looking for word searches, you'll find them linked below.

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