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What Is a Crochet Needle?


Crochet Needles

Crochet Needles

Photo © Michael Solovay

To the contemporary crafter, the phrase "crochet needle" could seem a little misleading, because it's a tool that isn't really a needle in the expected sense of the word; it doesn't have an eye, or a super-sharp pointy end like a sewing needle does, and it isn't the same as a knitting needle either. Still, historically, crochet has been considered as "needlework" or "needlecraft," and people used to (and still do) speak of "crochet needles" in that sense.

The term "crochet needle" can be used interchangeably with the term "crochet hook"; they mean the same thing. Nowadays, "crochet hook" is the more popular terminology.

In a nutshell, a crochet hook is a tool with a hook at one end. There might also be a hook at the other end, in the case of double-ended crochet hooks; or, there might be a stopper at the end, in the case of certain Tunisian crochet hooks. There are other possibilities as well. See my article about crochet hooks for more detailed information about the types of crochet hooks available.

Where Can You Get a Crochet Needle?

Most craft stores have crochet needles / crochet hooks for sale; check stores like Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby. Walmart used to sell them; nowadays some Walmart stores do and some don't. If you'd like to buy one online, you can click below to compare prices from a variety of retailers all over the Internet.

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How Do You Use a Crochet Needle?

We've posted numerous crochet videos, crochet tutorials and pages of crochet instructions on the topic of how to crochet; Those should get you started. Additionally, we post new articles every single week. Please sign up for our crochet newsletter to receive weekly notifications about new crochet articles.