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Darice 11/0 Jewelry Designer Metallic Seed Beads -- Product Review

Darice 11/0 Jewelry Designer Metallic Seed Beads -- Product Review

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Darice Jewelry Designer 11/0 Metallic Pink Seed Beads

Darice Jewelry Designer 11/0 Metallic Pink Seed Beads

Photo © Amy Solovay

This product review is written from the point of view of a crochet enthusiast who's using beads while creating wire crochet jewelry projects. I haven't tested these beads with other jewelry-making techniques. They may work better for other purposes than they do for wire crochet, but I absolutely would not recommend them for wire crochet.

I feel compelled to write this review because I made the mistake of using these beads in several of the projects I have posted on my website.

These beads look really pretty in the package -- in fact, they are really pretty, which was why I bought them and used them in my projects. However, now that I've used them, I'd like to warn other crocheters about the problems I encountered so they can make better-informed choice about whether they'd like to use these beads in their projects or not.

Wire Crochet, Friction, and the Metallic Finish on These Beads

When crocheting with beads and wire, there's often quite a bit of friction that occurs when the wire and beads come into contact with each other. Wire crochet requires the crocheter to be somewhat aggressive when grabbing and manipulating the wire with the crochet hook.

The metallic finish on these particular beads is prone to coming off when wire scrapes against the surface of the beads. Wherever that happens, the beads are left with ugly bare places instead of the appealing, shiny metallic surface. Not good. Not only that, as I was crocheting, I found tiny flecks of metallic pink had transferred onto my fingers and were getting all over my clothes and my work area.

That's the main reason I feel that these beads are not well-suited for use when crocheting with wire.

Other Minor Issues With These Beads

When I originally opened this package of beads, I trashed some of the beads before even getting started. Some of them were mis-shapen. Some of them did not have holes. Some of them were broken. For me, none of the above would have been a deal-breaker; in my experience, when dealing with beads this inexpensive and this small, those things are going to happen sometimes.

The Good Things About These Beads

In their original state, these beads really are pretty and appealing. The metallic surface catches the light beautifully, and the color is pretty.

I found these beads to be affordable and competitively priced.


Overall, for wire crochet, I'd recommend using something other than these beads to avoid disappointment. For other jewelry-making techniques, these beads may or may not be worth a try.

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