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Book Reviews of Crochet Pattern Books and Crochet Stitch Dictionaries


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Shopping for crochet books? Get the scoop on interesting crochet pattern books and stitch dictionaries. I've written book reviews sharing my honest opinion about each of the crochet books featured on this page.

The Best of Interweave Crochet

The Best of Interweave Crochet Book
Interweave Press

Over the years, Interweave Crochet Magazine has posted some pretty cool articles and patterns. In this book, Marcy Smith shares her picks for the best the magazine has to offer.

The Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry

The Crochet Closet, A Crochet Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry
Leisure Arts

If you're looking for wearable crochet sweater patterns for ladies, this book is worth checking out. It features a number of versatile patterns in a wide range of sizes. The common element is that all the designs are stylish, yet classic. My verdict: five stars!

Crochet Wear by Ann Regis

CrochetWear Pattern book by Ann Regis
Leisure Arts

If you're looking for interesting women's wear patterns, in sizes from extra small through extra large, this is a pattern book that might be of interest to you. The book also includes crochet patterns for accessories such as hats and fingerless gloves.

Fair Isle to Crochet by Karen Ratto-Whooley

Fair Isle to Crochet Book by Karen Ratto-Whooley
Leisure Arts

This book features patterns for five eye-catching multicolored afghans. I was impressed by this book; check out my detailed book review to learn why.

Crochet So Fine Book by Kristin Omdahl

Crochet So Fine book by Kristin Omdahl, published by Interweave Press
Interweave Press

This book provides patterns for using fine yarns to crochet eye-catching shawls, wraps, scarves, hats, tunics, cardigans, and other projects for women. Stitch diagrams are included for each design in the book. For more info, please be sure to check out my detailed book review.

Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Book

Crochet 24 Hour Baby Afghans Book
Leisure Arts

If you need to crochet a baby shower gift in a hurry, perhaps this book can help. The book premise: you'll find 16 baby afghan patterns that can each be crocheted in 24 hours. Want to know more? If so, you're invited to check out my book review.

Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet Book by Mags Kandis

Knitting and Crochet Pattern Book Called Gifted Published by Interweave Press
Interweave Press

If you'd like to handcraft the gifts you give your friends, family members and colleagues, this book is well worth a look. It contains knitting patterns, crochet patterns, felting projects, sewing projects, and more. Be sure to check out my detailed book review for more information.

Triangle Treasury Book by Darla Sims

If you'd like to explore a variety of possibilities for crocheting triangles, this is a good book to consider. Get more details in my book review.

Triple Play Pattern Stitches Book by Darla Sims

Triple Play Pattern Stitches Book by Darla Sims, Published by Leisure Arts
Triple Play Pattern Stitches Book by Darla Sims -- Photo © Leisure Arts

This stitch dictionary is one of the most inspiring crochet books I've come across in a long time. I explain why that is in my detailed book review. I've also posted a photo of one of the swatches I crocheted using this book; I really like the results!

DIY Afghans Book and CD Rom by Mary Beth Temple

DIY Afghans Book by Mary Beth Temple, Published by Leisure Arts
DIY Afghans Book by Mary Beth Temple -- Photo © Leisure Arts

Would you be interested in designing your own quilt-inspired afghans? If so, this is a book you might enjoy. My book review provides more details.

The Beaded Edge Book by Midori Nishida and CRK Design

Learn how to crochet dainty beaded trims and edgings. This stunning pattern book teaches you how to create 18 different beadwork trim patterns inspired by Turkish designs. Each of the designs can be used in many different ways.

Touchably Textured Baby Afghans Book by Barbara English

This book presents five different patterns for crocheting textured baby afghans. You'll use cluster stitches and other interesting textured crochet stitches to create these designs. The featured afghans are mostly unisex designs appropriate for babies of either gender. Want more info? You're invited to check out my detailed book review.

Baby Blueprint Crochet Book by Robyn Chachula

The retro-inspired baby patterns in this book are all presented using easy-to-understand symbol crochet charts, plus written instructions.

Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Crochet, by Kathryn Vercillo

I haven't yet had a chance to read and review this book, but it's a title I'm hoping to read in the future when time permits. The book covers a topic that I think would be interesting to many of you, so I'm passing the info about it along to you in case it's a book you'd like to read.

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