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How Do You Crochet From This Graph?


Question: How Do You Crochet From This Graph?


I have a question about the SC and Long Stitch Zig Zag Repeat Pattern. How do you work from the graph? I can do graphs, but this one doesn't say whether you work from the top or bottom. The pattern is from April 1998. Thank You for your time.



Hi Pat,

That particular pattern was designed by Sandi Marshall. I took a look at the pattern -- what a fun design! It looks to me like you'd probably want to work the chart from the bottom up, assuming you want to work the long SC sts included in the pattern.

Since I am unable to find a crocheted sample of this design, I am going to tell you how I interpret the pattern, and hopefully the explanation will make sense. It looks to me like you would start from the bottom and work in single crochet stitch, changing colors as specified on the chart, until row 8. On row 8 you would work both single crochet stitches and long single crochet stitches, and when you work the long single crochet stitches you would need to insert your hook all the way down into the stitches in row 5.

So working with the top chart, which shows two colors -- white and blue -- you'd be working the long sc stitches from row 8 in white, and you'd be reaching down with the white yarn overtop of the blue squigglies to create the interesting visual effect shown on the chart.

Do you know how to do the long sc stitch? I posted a tutorial for it, here:

Long single crochet stitch tutorial.

If you're not familiar with that stitch, the chart will hopefully make more sense after you take a look at the tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to ask again, or post on our forum; you are always welcome to join us on the forum with questions, comments, and photos of your work -- which by the way I would love to see if you do crochet this pattern. I'd really be thrilled to see your color choices, and how it turns out. The forum link is here:

Crochet forum at About.com

As far as which end is up on the pattern, remember that there are no "crochet police," and no one is going to care if you decide you'd like to work the pattern upside down. If you think you might like that look better, why not try a square of it and see how it goes? My own approach to designing is that I often just try stuff to see what will happen.

Thanks for your interest, Pat. I really appreciate it. Happy crocheting!


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