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Tunisian Knit Stitch Tutorial With Pictures and Instructions


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Tunisian Knit Stitch Tutorial With Pictures and Instructions
Tunisian Knit Stitch

Tunisian Knit Stitch

Photo © Michael Solovay

Don't let the name fool you. The Tunisian knit stitch isn't actually knitted; it's a crochet stitch. We call it the knit stitch because it looks like stockinette stitch (AKA stocking stitch) in knitting.

This tutorial will teach you how to work the Tunisian knit stitch, which is a handy stitch to know if you'd like your crochet work to resemble knitting.

Table of Contents for This Tutorial:
Page 1: Tunisian knit stitch introduction and picture
Page 2: Tunisian crochet base row for working Tunisian knit stitch
Page 3: Tunisian knit stitch return / reverse / return pass
Page 4: Working the knit stitches in Tunisian crochet
Page 5: Working more rows of Tunisian knit stitch
Page 6: Resources for learning more about Tunisian crochet

If you aren't already experienced with Tunisian crochet, you may also wish to learn how to hold a Tunisian crochet hook.

Practice This Crochet Stitch:

Once you've learned this stitch, be sure to check out this faux knit and crochet dishcloth pattern. It's a free crochet pattern that utilizes the Tunisian knit stitch plus the single crochet stitch for a dishcloth that's crocheted but looks knitted.

See a Colorful Example:

I've posted another photo of the Tunisian knit stitch featuring variegated yarn. One of the best things about the Tunisian knit stitch: it usually looks absolutely gorgeous when worked in even the craziest of variegated yarn colors. Please keep in mind that I do suggest using a light-colored, solid yarn to make your first samples and / or project when you are learning the stitch. After you know what to expect from it, you can really do amazing things with the colors!

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