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5 Ways to Combine Variegated Yarn


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Get Eye-Catching Results By Combining Two or More Variegated Yarns
Combining Variegated Yarn. Photo © Amy Solovay.

Variegated yarns have their pros and cons. There are so many wonderful things about them; the advantages are numerous. Variegated yarns give you the opportunity to end up with a colorful project, without having to weave in bunches of loose ends; it’s also nice to have the assurance that your colors are going to harmonize, especially if you’re a beginner and not yet confident in your color choices.

Yet variegated yarns are notoriously challenging to work with, especially for crocheters. They don’t always give you the results you expect, and sometimes the finished results can be disappointing.

There are several important secrets for success with variegated yarns, which I have shared with you on this website. This subject is vast enough to write pages and pages (and maybe even entire books) about, so I thought it would be worthwhile to explore each "secret" in more depth.

One Secret for Getting the Best Results With Variegated Yarn: Combine your variegated colorway with another yarn. In some cases, it might be best to pick a solid yarn for your second color, and in other cases another variegated yarn might be ideal. My personal preference is almost always to try combining two or more variegated yarns, so that’s what we’ll be exploring in the following examples.

Once I discovered the power of variegated yarn combinations, it made a big difference in how my projects turn out. That doesn’t mean they always turn out well; careful thought still has to go into every aspect of a pattern design. There are no guarantees, and I’m not here to tell you that you’ll never have another disaster if you try these examples. There are simply too many variables.

So let’s explore a few different combinations that are likely to turn out well. The following examples will give you an idea of what to expect when variegated yarns are combined in different ways.

Note that you can achieve drastically different results depending on which yarns you start with. For most of the following examples, I've used the yarns pictured in the photo above -- a red, brown and black colorway combined with a green and gray colorway. There are additional examples linked throughout the tutorial, made using a wide variety of different colorways.

Hopefully these examples will be helpful to you when you choose variegated yarns and stitches for your next colorful crochet projects.

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