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Crochet Supplies

Shopping for supplies is fun, but it can also be overwhelming. If you'd like a little help, check out the product news, product reviews, and information offered here. Find crochet hooks plus yarn, thread, wire, fiber and fabric that can be used for crocheting. Learn about embellishments to enhance your crochet projects, including purse handles and more.
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Crochet Hooks, Yarn, Thread, Fiber and More
This page is our main directory featuring links to product reviews and other articles about crochet supplies.

This page is our main directory of information about yarn; it leads to yarn articles, yarn reviews, and a wealth of other information about yarns for crocheting. Many of the yarn reviews on the Internet were written by knitters, but if you want to crochet with a particular yarn, I think it's a good idea for you to get a crocheter's opinion.

Crochet Hooks
It's a hook. You crochet with it. What more do you need to know? Well, actually, you'd be surprised at how much more there is to learn about crochet hooks. Some hooks are much, much nicer to crochet with than others are. Want the scoop on different types of hooks, and why they exist? Plus the best hooks -- our favorites, as well as the ones...

Where to Buy Crochet Thread
Do you know the best places to buy crochet thread? If not, you will after checking out this page.

Tapestry Needle
Educate yourself about tapestry needles, and discover why you need them for finishing your crochet projects.

Crocheting Without Yarn
Yarn can get expensive, and if you're broke, it's time to explore crocheting with free or low-cost materials. Check this page for a fun variety of different ideas.

Gift Ideas for Crochet Enthusiasts
Choose the perfect gift for the crocheter(s) on your gift list with the help of this handy checklist.

Free Crochet Stuff

There's a lot of free crochet stuff available on the Internet: free crochet patterns, free crochet stitch instructions, free crochet tutorials, and free crochet videos. I occasionally also come across things like yarn giveaways and bargain yarns you might be interested in.

Crocheting With Coned Yarn
Learn about the advantages of crocheting with coned yarn.

Worsted Weight Yarn
Any list of popular crochet supplies should certainly include worsted weight yarn. To find out why that is, be sure to check out this informative overview of worsted weight yarn.

Stitch Marker
What is a stitch marker? Learn the glossary definition of a stitch marker, and see a photo of Clover locking stitch markers for crocheting and knitting.

Eyelash Yarn
"Furry" or "hairy" yarn is often referred to as "eyelash yarn." When you crochet or knit with this type of yarn, the finished result can resemble faux fur. Use this type of yarn to make many different crochet or knitting projects: Scarves Bags, purses and handbags Hats Stuffed animals, plush toys and amigurumi "Fur" trim on jackets,...

Fabric Strips for Crocheting Rag Rugs
Find ideas for supplies needed to crochet rag rugs.

What Is a Crochet Needle?
Crochet needles are essential supplies for crocheting. Learn where to buy one (or more!) and find other important details.

Finding Discontinued Yarn
Cammie wants help with finding discontinued yarn. Here are some ideas for her, and for anyone who ends up in the same situation.

Supplies for Tunisian Crochet
Want to know which supplies you need to work in the Tunisian crochet technique? If so, this is the place to educate yourself.

Bamboo Crochet Hooks: ChiaoGoo
We gave the ChiaGoo bamboo crochet hook a five-star rating. Want to find out why? Check out this product review.

Bamboo Crochet Hooks: Clover Takumi
We tested out the Clover Takumi crochet hook, and reviewed it on our website for your consideration. If you're thinking of purchasing this (or any) crochet hook, we hope you'll find the review helpful.

How to Make "Yarn" Out of Plastic Bags
Here are several free tutorials for different ways you can make "yarn" using plastic bags. The "yarn" you'll make is great for making all kinds of interesting crochet (and knitting) projects.

Silk Crochet Thread
Find out where to buy silk crochet thread, and learn more about who manufactures thread made using this luxurious fiber.

How to Make Plarn Using Small Plastic Produce Bags -- Free Tutorial
Most of the plarn tutorials I've seen have utilized plastic grocery store bags. This one's a little different; it allows you to make use of produce bags.

Purse Handles at UMX
Crocheting a handbag or purse? This company offers a wide selection of purse handles you can use to create your bag. Their catalog includes bamboo handles, purse frames, handbag chains, and other hardware.

Self-Striping Yarn
This is the place to educate yourself about self-striping yarn.

Darice 11/0 Jewelry Designer Metallic Seed Beads -- Product Review
These beads proved terribly disappointing for use with the wire crochet technique. I used them in several of my projects posted on this website, but wouldn't recommend them. My product review gives you more details about why not.

Suncatcher Eyes for Amigurumi and Crocheted Toys
If you enjoy crocheting toys and dolls, you'll find yourself in need of embellishments like eyes and noses. Suncatcher eyes would be appropriate for projects you make for older children who can be trusted not to accidentally swallow them.

Stripz Fabric Strips
Have you ever tried using quilters' jelly rolls for rag crochet? I tried using Stripz fabric strips; get the lowdown about the pros and cons here.

E-Course Shopping List
You are invited to take my crochet class -- a free online course from About University. This page gives you a list of supplies you'll need for doing the lessons and the homework for the class.

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