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Lion Brand Fancy Fur Yarn


Lion Brand Fancy Fur Eyelash Yarn for crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, and crafts

Lion Brand Fancy Fur Eyelash Yarn

Photo © Amy Solovay

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Eyelash Yarn for Crocheting and Other Crafts

"Fancy Fur" is a bulky eyelash yarn by Lion Brand. Use Fancy Fur yarn for crocheting, knitting and many other crafts.

Here's my assessment of Fancy Fur yarn, written from a crocheter's point of view.


  • Fiber Content: 55% Polyamide / 45% Polyester

  • Yarn Weight: Bulky

  • Suggested Crochet Hook Size: P (10 mm.)

  • Gauge: 6 single crochet and 7 rows per 4 inches on size P hook

  • Yardage: 39 yards in a 50 gram ball of yarn

  • Where to Buy Fancy Fur Yarn: Visit the manufacturer's site.

Look and Feel

The yarn feels soft and wearable, but there's no mistaking that it's synthetic.

Most of the available colors are tasteful and chic. There are a couple eye-popping colorways that hurt my eyes to the point that I wanted to reach for my sunglasses when looking at them. If you plan to work with the brighter colorways, I'd recommend using moderation.

Pros and Cons

The Best Things:

  • Fun, trendy, playful look
  • Soft and wearable
  • Versatile
  • Machine washable
  • For the most part, no one will see your mistakes with this yarn. (You probably won't even see them, although perhaps that is more of a "con" than a "pro".)

The Downsides:

  • There are only 39 yards per ball; it's easy to underestimate how much yarn you'll need to buy.
  • Splits easily
  • Difficult to work with
  • Difficult to unravel, so fixing mistakes is a challenge
  • Difficult to see stitches when crocheting
  • Feels synthetic


  • Be sure to use a large hook; stick closely to the recommended hook size, and don't go any smaller than you need to.

  • It's a challenge to find your stitches when you crochet with this yarn; they get lost under all the fur. If you track of your stitch count, or can't find the spot to insert your hook, hold your work up to a light source; you'll be able to see the stitches more clearly that way.

  • You could use this yarn to make chemo caps, scarves, boas, wraps, handbags, hats, rugs, garments, pillows, or trim. There are plenty of other creative ways to use it as well.

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