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Coned Yarn


Coned Yarn - Peaches & Creme Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn on a 14 oz Cone

Coned Yarn - A 14 oz. Cone of Peaches & Creme Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn

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Coned yarn is yarn that has been wound onto cone-shaped holders. The cones are typically made of heavy cardboard or plastic.

Coned yarn is typically sold in large quantities. For example, a cone might hold a pound of yarn. In contrast, balls of yarn might only weigh around 50 grams each (give or take - some weigh more, some less.)

The cone configuration allows the yarn to unwind freely and evenly from the top, an attribute that makes coned yarns popular with crafters - particularly machine knitters. It is likely that coned yarns would be more popular with crocheters if more crocheters knew of their advantages.

There are many advantages to using cones of yarn for crochet. Learn more about crocheting with coned yarn.

Also Known As:
  • Cones of yarn
  • Cone yarn
  • Yarn cones
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