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Freeform Crochet


Freeform Crochet Blanket

Freeform Crochet Blanket

Photo © Amy Solovay

Freeform crochet is a technique that allows the crocheter to explore the creative and artistic possibilities of the craft in unexpected ways.

Traditional crochet is typically orderly; you'd expect it to be worked in well-organized rounds or rows. You could expect to work from a pattern, and the end result would be a useful project.

The freeform crocheter can toss any or all of those expectations out the window if (s)he chooses. Forget the pattern; (s)he'll make it up as (s)he goes along. Forget the orderly rounds and rows. (S)he will draw up a loop in any spot (s)he chooses, helter-skelter. The end result of these efforts might, or might not, turn out to be a functional project, depending on the designer's vision. It is fantastic if a useable project is created in the process, but it is also acceptable if the resulting object is completely useless.

There is an age-old debate about where to draw the line between "art" and "craft." Some will argue that crochet could never be "art," but the freeform crocheter would likely disagree. Freeform crochet could be compared to sculpting with yarn. If sculpture is "art", then so is freeform crochet.

Noteable Freeform Crochet Designers

Also Known As:

  • Scrumble (can be used as either a noun or a verb)
  • Scrumbles (plural noun)
  • Scrumbling (gerund)
  • Patternless crochet
Alternate Spellings: free form crochet

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