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Granny Square Scrap Afghan by Dayle

Granny Square Scrap Afghan by Dayle

Crochet a Scrapghan Using Scrap Yarns and a Granny Square Pattern Such as This One

You can use scrap yarns to crochet bunches of granny squares such as this one, and then join them together to create a fantastic one-of-a-kind scrapghan.

Scrap Afghan Square

Scrap Afghan Square

Photo © Amy Solovay


"Scrapghan" is a slang word indicating an afghan that is crocheted or knitted using yarn scraps -- i.e. yarn left over from other crochet or knitting projects.

There are many possible ways to create a scrapghan. One popular approach: Buy a bunch of yarn in a color that matches just about everything -- perhaps black, beige, white, off-white, or brown. If there's a color that would look great with all the leftover yarns in your stash, feel free to substitute that color instead. Then use the purchased yarn combined with all your yarn scraps to crochet or knit your scrapghan.

With this type of scrapghan, the purchased yarn tends to act as a unifying element, visually pulling the design together. You can see an example of this type of effect pictured at top right on this page. The photo shows a granny square scrapghan submitted by one of our readers, Dayle. In Dayle's scrapghan, the dark-colored yarn is the unifying element throughout. (You can click here to learn more about this afghan.)

If you have enough scraps to crochet an entire afghan without needing to buy any yarn, the granny square is an excellent possibility. The traditional granny square is a no-brainer, time-tested scrapghan pattern. You can easily crochet a scrapghan by joining bunches of different granny squares together.

There are plenty of other ways to make scrapghans. For example, you can crochet random stripes of different colors. Or you could work from a pattern. Here are a few ideas:

Free Patterns for Crocheting Scrapghans:

Free Crochet Granny Square Patterns: We've posted bunches of different granny square patterns for you to try.

If you want to purchase yarn but use your yarn scraps as accent colors, this rainbow outlines granny square is a great choice. (See photo at right.) Don't feel obligated to use the same colors I did; scrap yarn colors would work just as well.

This scrap afghan square was designed for the sole purpose of allowing you to use up small bits of scrap yarn. (See photo, lower right.)

This granny hexagon is a nice alternative to a square, although the concept is similar.

More Free Scrappy Afghan Square Patterns:

You could crochet any or all of these mix and match afghan squares using scrap yarn.

If you have a lot of baby yarns hanging in your yarn stash, this heart sampler baby afghan is a great way to use them up.


Also Known As:

  • Scrap afghan
  • Scrappy afghan


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