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Design Themes -- Find Free Crochet Patterns With a Specific Design Theme

If you have a design theme in mind, and you'd like to see all of our free crochet patterns which incorporate that theme, this page is the place to look.
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Candy Cane Pattern List

This candy cane pattern list features free crochet patterns and craft patterns with a candy cane theme.

Crochet Butterfly Pattern Designs
Be charmed and inspired by these exquisite butterfly crochet patterns!

Fish Patterns
If you want to crochet a project with an undersea theme, these fish patterns offer you many interesting possibilities.

Pumpkin Patterns

Fall's harvest brings visions of glorious, brilliantly-colored pumpkins. Whether or not you have a chance to play in the pumpkin patch this year, we hope you'll enjoy checking out this fun collection of free crochet pumpkin patterns.

Cat Patterns
Did you realize that you could crochet a cat design? It's true! We offer a variety of different cat patterns suitable for crochet. Some of them are charted designs that are also suitable for other needlework techniques. Impress your cat-loving friends with a cute crocheted kitty!

Star Patterns
Crocheted star motifs offer you a variety of interesting opportunities to explore pattern symmetry. They're fascinating to crochet, and just as nice to have hanging around when you are finished making them.

Nautical Patterns
Crochet a pattern with a nautical theme. Designs include lighthouses, undersea creatures, fish, and more.

Bell Patterns

This list of bell patterns features an assortment of Christmas bells, wedding bells, etc.

Football Patterns

Find free crochet patterns featuring a football motif or football theme. Choices include football coasters, football granny squares, and more.

Crochet Angel and Cherub Patterns
Angels and cherubs are fascinating creatures, don't you think? Have you ever wanted to try crocheting one of these mysterious beings? If so, these free patterns offer you several interesting designs to peruse.

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