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Checkered Crochet Afghan Edging


Checkered Crochet Edging

Checkered Crochet Edging

Photo © Amy Solovay

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Crochet a Checkered Edging for an Afghan or Baby Blanket:

This checkered crochet edging could be a fun addition to crocheted or knitted afghans. I used it on an afghan featuring bunches of different geometric patterns; I also think it would be nice to use on a plainer style of afghan.

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:

Yarn Colors:

You'll need two colors of yarn, color A and color B, in colors that coordinate well with your afghan. I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Bone and Blue Mint.

Design Notes: When working your first round, you may need to increase or decrease by several stitches to make sure all your checkerboards end up in nice neat groups of three stitches. Count your stitches along one side and if the number you come up with isn't a multiple of 3 sts, increase or decrease accordingly.

This pattern is worked using the tapestry crochet technique. You'll be using two colors per round. Crochet overtop of your inactive color until you need it. When you need it, drop the active color and pick up the inactive color, crocheting overtop of the other color until you need it again. You may wish to visit my tapestry crochet tutorial to see actual photos of how to do this.

Begin carrying your inactive color from the very first stitch.

See Also: How to change colors in crochet.

Edging Instructions:

Round 1: Begin in a corner using color A. [Work 3 sc sts in color A, change colors to color B, work 3 sc sts in color B, change colors to color A.] Rep sequence in brackets until you get to the next corner. If you are using color A, change colors to color B, ch 2, turn the corner, and continue working in color B. If you were using color B right before turning the corner, change colors to color A, ch 2, turn the corner, and then continue working in color A. Continue alternating 3 sts of each color all the way around.

Round 2: Work this rounds exactly like round 1 with the following exception: when you get to the corners, increase by 1 st in the current color on each side by working 1 additional sc st in the ch-2 sp before the corner, then change colors, ch 2, turn the corner, then work 1 sc st in the same ch-2 sp, then work another 3 sc sts in that color. So in the corners you'll have groups of 4 sts of the same color, but otherwise you'll have groups of 3 sts.

Round 3: Work it exactly the same as round 2, except that you'll again increase by one st at each end of each row. So in the corners, you'll have groups of 5 sts of the same color, but otherwise you'll have groups of 3 sts of the same color.

Rounds 4-6: Where you used color A, use color B instead. Where you used color B, use color A instead. Otherwise work these rounds exactly like rows 2-3, increasing by one st in the corners as you did in those rows.

I ended my edging here, but you can keep building additional rows onto your checkerboard edging pattern if you like. Just continue working in the established pattern, building out your checkerboard until your edging is the desired size.

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