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Filet Crochet Hearts Trim - Free Chart


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Free Printable Filet Crochet Chart for Hearts Trim
Free Printable Filet Crochet Chart for Hearts Trim

Free Printable Filet Crochet Chart for Hearts Trim

Chart © Amy Solovay, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

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Use this free printable chart to crochet a lovely filet crochet trim with repeating heart motifs. This chart is in repeat, so you will easily be able to make each piece of trim as long as you want it to be.

The crocheted trim would be suitable for use as an edging on sheets, pillowcases, cushions, linens, towels, clothing, accessories, handbags, tote bags, or other craft projects.

If you apply a bit of creativity, you could think of many other possible uses for this chart. It is well-suited for use with other types of needlework besides just crochet.

Note to Knitters: As shown, this chart is not ideal for knitting; knit stitches are not square, so if you knit this design as-is, the design would appear to be “squished” in your finished knit piece.

To make up for this, I recommend repeating every third or fourth row on the chart. This will help to make the design appear as it should instead of looking squished.

Knowing how many rows to repeat is not an exact science, and it depends on the stitch you use, your individual gauge, your preferences, plus the needles and materials you are using. Transferring the design to knitter’s graph paper can help give you an approximate idea of how it will look before you begin knitting, but there isn’t any substitute for knitting up an actual swatch to see how it will turn out.

See can I use crochet charts for knitting? for more information.

More Images:

See an example of how the chart looks repeated out further, along with an example of how it looks when worked in filet crochet.

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